Sheldon Liber

CEO & CIO, Chasing Value Asset Management

Sheldon Liber started investing in 1974 when he was a senior at Beverly Hills High School. In 1979, he graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Architecture and, by 1981, he became one of the youngest architects in California, founding Liberstudio Architects with his now wife of 38 years, Kelsey. While overseeing design and research for Liberstudio, he continued to be an active investor, expanding his reach into real estate and the stock market. In 2000, his investment acumen caught the attention of an editor at Business Week Online, who would later ask him to write for her after she went on to edit a financial blogging site for AOL.

Under his “Chasing Value” banner, Mr. Liber eventually wrote over 1,200 articles for AOL, including his March 9, 2009 post calling the bottom of the market on the exact day, “Nostradamus was a Punk, Have We Reached Bottom?”. In 2010, he began officially transitioning from architecture to finance, laying the groundwork for the Chasing Value Fund, and becoming a registered financial advisor by 2012. Outside of their professional work, the Libers have also supported over 50 charities throughout their careers including The Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, Jewish National Fund, the World Jewish Congress, Pacific Jewish Center, Doctors Without Borders, The Optimist Youth Home, and World Wildlife Fund.

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