John Edelson

Founder & President; Time4Learning

John Edelson has a profound interest in education and a deep-rooted passion that motivates him to find ways to improve education through the use of technology. His strong business sense combined with his creativity allows him to think outside the box of institutional constructs, helping Time4Learning learners achieve the very best educational experience in the most modern way possible.
John founded Time4Learning in 2013 in his living room and remains the president today. He also created Time4Writing, VocabularySpellingCity, and Science4Us. His company was run independently until joining Cambium in 2018. He has extensive expertise working with various educational software, diversified entertainment, and technology companies. He was the producer of the Sony PlayStation game, Croc, Legend of the Gobos, which went Platinum. After college, he spent two years in West Africa in the Peace Corps. He is a proud father of three. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Yale and an MBA from Harvard.

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