Joe Levy

CTO; Sophos

Joe Levy joined Sophos as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in February 2015. In this  role he leads the company’s technology strategy worldwide, driving product vision and  innovation to both enhance and simplify IT security.
Joe brings more than 20 years of leadership and development expertise, focusing on  information security. Prior to Sophos, Joe was CTO for Blue Coat Systems following the  company’s May 2013 acquisition of security analytics pioneer Solera Networks, where  he had served as CTO since 2008. Prior to Solera, Joe was CTO of SonicWALL  (acquired by Dell), where he led research and development teams with concentrations  in the areas of next-generation firewalls, deep packet inspection, cryptography and  secure remote access.
Earlier in his career, Joe spent six years with the security-focused, value-added reseller  OneNet, where he led product and service design and development, including managed  services. Joe has participated in various industry certification and design consortiums,  and he holds several security, networking database and virtualization patents. He has  co-authored a book on the topic of wireless network security, covering many of the  secure wireless innovations he and his architectural teams have designed. Joe holds a  BA from Queens College, NY.

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