Ira Feldman

Owner; Felco Business Services & Founding Partner; Toback CPA's

As a founding partner in Toback CPA's, Arizona's largest local CPA firm [sold in 2000 to a National CPA firm]. Ira has provided business and tax counseling for over thirty years.

Ira has a long history as an advocate for small business. He has been a delegate to the While House Conference on Small Business twice, founded the Arizona Small Business United and Served as Director and President of the Arizona Small Business Association.

​As a CPA, Certified Estate Planner, and a Certified Valuation Analyst, Ira continues to provide services for clients in Arizona.

Ira serves as Chairman of the Phoenix Tax Workshop and is editor of the Arizona Tax Guides. He was honored with life

membership in the Arizona Society of CPA's.

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