Alex Rayter

Partner, Phoenix 2.0, Inc

Alex is a Soviet born Russian Speaking Jew who immigrated to the states with his family in ‘87, he was 10 years old. As a young man who did not have a sense of identity, he attended Hebrew Academy, had a Bar Mitzvah,but was then disconnected from community involvement through his teens and twenties, until a life transforming trip to Israel in 2009. Alex headed the call to service in the community from the organizations which sponsored the trip and is now one of the more committed and visible young leaders in the community, being recognized with the Dinkelspiel Award by his Federation and a Distinguished Borrower Award by HFLA for outstanding service to the community.

In his personal life Alex is a partner in a successful IT Consulting firm and a married father to three children ages 20, 16, 22 months.One of the proudest moments for Alex this past year was the opening of a Donor Advised Fund and making a gift from that fund in the name of his late grandfather who was the family patriarch and his Jewish mentor, to Rambam hospital in Israel, which was something his grandfather gave to for many years and to be able to continue that legacy is hugely meaningful to Alex. He hopes to continue a life of service to our community.


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