Alan Sokol

President, CEO & Director; Hemisphere Media Group, Inc.

Currently, Alan J. Sokol is President, Chief Executive Officer & Director at Hemisphere Media Group, Inc. and Senior Partner at InterMedia Advisors LLC. He is also on the board of 8 other companies.
In the past he held the position of President & Chief Executive Officer of Planeta Media Group, LLC, Senior Vice President of Savoy Pictures Entertainment, Inc., Partner at Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP, Partner at Wyman Bautzer Rothman & Kuchel, Chairman & Chief Operating Officer at Telemundo Media LLC, Chief Operating Officer of Telemundo Group LLC, Chief Operating Officer at Telemundo Holding, Inc., Chief Operating Officer at Network Cos., Chief Operating Officer for Telemundo Network Group LLC, Senior Vice President-Corporate Development for Sony Pictures Digital Productions, Inc. and Senior Partner at InterMedia Partners LP.
Alan J. Sokol received an undergraduate degree from Cornell University and a graduate degree from Stanford Law School.

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