University of Ottawa Faculty of Law
Jewish Law Student Association
2022-2023 Leadership
Isaac Bushewsky
VP FinanceHometown: Ottawa
Hello my name is Isaac Bushewsky, I am the VP finance for the Uottawa JLSA and am looking forward to contributing to the law school experience for every Jewish student. I was born and raised in Edmonton and spent time in Jerusalem at Derech Ohr Samayach and Toronto at York University before coming to Ottawa. Acedemically, I enjoy learning about competition and corporate law and love to oral advocacy and debating. Judaism is central to my identity and I am excited to share my experiences with our vibrant student body.
Ocean Enbar
PresidentHometown: Toronto
Hi Everyone! I'm the President at uOttawa's JLSA this year. I’m incredibly excited to find unique ways to enrich the Jewish law student experience this year and bring the community together for a great year. Back in pre-pandemic life, you would have probably run into me at F&S (the local pub) catching up with buddies while diving deep into political and philosophical dilemmas. Academically, I enjoy learning about business and tax law and have been developing a passion for trial advocacy. I also run a few entrepreneurial initiatives on the side and am always looking for new opportunities for collaboration. Feel free to ping me on social media to chat about school, the law, business, or life in general.
Manon Hassan
Civil Law Rep Hometown: Paris- Ottawa
Hello everyone, I’m Manon i’m 20. I’m Civil Law Rep at JLSA, it’s really important to me to fill this role. A little bit about myself, I moved to Montreal from Paris with my family 5 years ago and now i’m in Ottawa by my self. I grew up in a traditionalist family, and went to a jewish school so I learnt how to read the Torah and Rashi. JLSA is really important to me because i consider it as a second family who share the same values that i was tough as a kid.
Jonah Morris
1L RepresentativeHometown: Vancouver
My name is Jonah Morris, and I am the First Year Representative - Common Law Section for the JLSA at uOttawa Faculty of Law. I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Growing up, I was involved in Vancouver's Jewish community, from attending a Jewish elementary school, going to a Jewish sleep-away camp, and participating in Birthright. I completed my BA in Sociology at UBC in 2019. Throughout my time at UBC, I was active at Hillel and I was a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi. Being a part of the JLSA enables me to be an active member of uOttawa's Jewish community while being in a new city and meeting new people.
Amanda Werger
3L RepresentativeHometown: Toronto
My name is Amanda Werger, and I am in my third year of the University of Ottawa’s English Common Law program. I grew up in Toronto, where I was actively involved in my Jewish community through attending Jewish day school, going to Jewish summer camp, and being involved in Jewish youth group. Prior to law school, I completed my BA in Legal Theory at Carleton University. During my undergraduate studies, I was involved with my local Hillel chapter, as well as worked on several university theatre productions. In addition to my involvement with the JLSA, I am also currently serving as the Human Resources Manager of the Ottawa Law Review. I am looking forward to working with the JLSA this year to help build a strong community among uOttawa’s Jewish law students!
Ottawa JLSA Welcome (back) Pub Night
September 10, 2022
7:30 pm
University of Ottawa Faculty of Law
Ottawa JLSA Club Fair
September 15, 2022
1:00 pm
University of Ottawa Faculty of Law
UOttawa JLSA Bagel Lunch
September 16, 2022
9:00 am
University of Ottawa Faculty of Law
Keynote Speaker: Jonathan Anschell
January 31, 2022
8:00 pm
University of Ottawa Faculty of Law
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