Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business
Jewish Business Association
2021-2022 Leadership
Eitan Touboul
Co-founder and VPHometown: Lakewood NJ
Eitan J Touboul has a background in commercial real estate, sales, and social media marketing. He is also a freelance photographer, and started his own business at the age of 21.
Sholom Wilheim
PresidentHometown: Cincinnati

A Ner Israel Alumnus, and a candidate for an MBA at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Sholom M Wilheim has been inculcated with a strong connection to his people, as well as a practical understanding of how to broaden other's.

As the president and founder of the Jewish Business Association, Sholom ensures a network of Jewish professionals and those that are aspiring to join their ranks.

Sholom, originally from Cincinnati, has since moved to Baltimore to raise family.

JHU Carey JBA Presents: Holocaust Survivor Daniel Goldsmith
February 3, 2022
12:00 pm
Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business
JHU JBA & JNSA Hanukkah Contest
December 14, 2020
10:00 pm
Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business
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