JGO's Response to Antisemitism

The disturbing and dramatic rise of antisemitism in recent years—especially on campus—has been one of our Jewish community’s most pressing issues, well before the horrors of October 7.

Like many Jewish  students on campus, you may feel scared, marginalized, and silenced.
But you should never feel alone.

As the primary Jewish resource at over one hundred grad schools, JGO has undertaken a comprehensive and proactive approach to combating antisemitism. We are committed to ensuring that all Jewish graduate students may explore, express and engage their Jewish identity in a safe and welcoming environment.

Our Principles

JGO's counter-antisemitism strategy prioritizes the six key pillars of safety, advocacy, vigilance, training, education, and community.


JGO fields incident reports from our student leadership to ensure the physical and emotional safety of Jewish graduate students on campus. 


JGO and our advocacy partners offer counsel, perform diplomacy, and leverage relationships to advocate for the rights of Jewish grad students.


JGO conducts awareness exercises to ensure students are vigilant about identifying antisemitism and accessing available resources. 


JGO provides preemptive training to equip students with practical skills to address and respond effectively to antisemitic incidents.  


JGO offers educational programs to enhance understanding of antisemitism, Israel and the Holocaust, and promote Jewish identity and pride.


JGO encourages coalitions among diverse students and organizations, promoting a positive and inclusive campus environment that celebrates Jewish life.

JGO Takes Action

On October 7, everything changed.

Since that dark day JGO staff and our students on the front lines have worked around the clock, rising to the occasion and springing into concrete action to support Jewish students, promote Jewish pride and combat the rising tide of antisemitism on campus.

The community of students, alumni, attorneys and executives we have spent the last 12 years building has quickly united and galvanized to address the needs of the moment.

Today, many people are talking about Jewish students on campus. Fewer are talking with Jewish students on campus.

JGO is. Our work has become more important and relevant than ever. Here are just examples of how we have responded:

How Can I Help?

If you're a student:

If you're an attorney/executive:

  • Mentor our student leaders
  • Join our campus speakers bureau
  • Educate yourself about antisemitism
  • Provide pro bono legal or political advice
  • Encourage your company to include mandatory antisemitism training in DEI initiatives

For everyone:

  • Sign up for Rabbi Dave's Updates
  • Contact your alma mater and government representatives demanding zero tolerance for campus antisemitism
  • Tell your contacts about JGO and what we are doing
  • Support JGO’s annual Crowdfunding Campaign – of which a large portion will go towards campus engagement fighting antisemitism